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Technologies and structure

SKI is an e-financing transaction and encryption system expert company mainly focusing on providing financial companies such as banks or credit card companies with technical services.
SKI is continuously expanding fields of business based on its development and technical experiences so far.

Why choose us

Encryption solution EzCrypto 2.0

Integrated security service (From access control to signature authentication)

Lottery issuance EZLot™

Self-developed face detection engine

and H/W development enhance price competitiveness

Face detection solution OezFR™

Its parallel ‘Casecade’ detector offers a high level of speed and precision in detecting a face; where the camera angle from the face is askew.

E-financial payment system

◆ Payment gateway
◆ Prepayment system
◆ Transportation Card System

Middleware EzWay 4.0

Tailored/customized business software

Open-market System

It is a multi-languages and various payment methods supported open market system that is to vitalize trading activities between small to medium sized merchants. Merchants are able to register what to sell on the system while managing it individually.

Our mission

We are entering into the global market with cryptocurrency exchange and online lottery system that blockchain-based encryption technology and face recognition solution for security authentication has been applied

  • Online lottery and sports betting market entry in Vietnam
  • Online lottery and sports betting market entry in Europe
  • Online lottery business expansion in Southeast Asia
  • Establishment of cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea
  • Establishment of cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia
  • Business expansion of cryptocurrency exchange in Southeast Asia


1st beta service launch: 2019/8/15 87%
Research and Development 75%
BitCoin ATM’s and Kiosks 75%
ICO and Investment Marketing 84%

Our team

  • Koh, Gangje

    Founder & CEO

    The founder of Blockchain WP, he has been the captain of this ship from the beginning and has sailed...

  • Seo, Jaewan

    Chief Finance Officer

    Being the CFO in the Financial Industry is a tough task, thankfully he was here to man the helm...

  • Kim, Hyeongjoo

    Coins Sales and Marketing

    She is an accomplished business developer. Her skills at creating relationships with clients are...

  • Lee, Kijin

    Chief Marketing Officer

    He has helped Business WordPress Theme reach new heights and enter new markets. His skills of understanding...

  • Shin, Jaekak


    As we help other companies grow, she helps us grow. She handles all the internal work at WP blockchain...

  • Kwon, Jeongju

    Tax Consultant

    Tax laws and regulations are some of the most complicated and infuriating parts of the financial...

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