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Our History

SKI is heightening its technical skills by M&As of expert companies in various fields.

  • 2019  

    1. Consulted about PG registration
    2. Constructed QR, NFC and mobile payment system
    3. Built an open market system
    4. Developed a Android POS system and its hardware
    5. Constructed an e-payment system

  • 2017  

    1. Obtained a KFTC certificate in transaction suitability with facial recognition
    2. Developed a non-Face-to-Face account opening system in Kiwoom Securities & Bank
    3. Built a drone with facial recognition and designed a people counting system (KT)
    4. Attendance recoding system with facial recognition (CJ Korea Express)

  • 2009

    1. Completed the lotto localization solution development of the Lottery Commission
    2. Participated in next generation ‘Sports Toto’ system development project
    3. Korea Lottery Association
    - Created new online lottery products
    - Built an application for smart phones
    - Built an online lottery issuance system (LG CNS Consortium)
    4. Constructed an online lottery ‘Numbers 4’ issuance system (SG&G)
    5. Applied machine learning technology to facial recognition
    6. Exported facial recognition software to Japan
    7. Developed an object recognition on video and solution of hyper video metadata creation
    8. Built an intercity bus card system (EB)
    9. Developed a testing service for mobile one time card (KB, Shinhan, Hyundai card)
    10. Developed an encryption Toolkit – EZCrypto v2.0
    11. Developed EZWay middleware v4.0
    12. Developed LG U+ CDN
    13. Created a national English proficiency testing system (Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
    14. Built unified search and right management system on National Union of Teachers Homepage

  • 2005

    1. Developed an organization management system of National Union of Teachers (Hancom Inc. Consortium)
    2. Gift card issuance & management system (Shinhan Card)
    3. Lottery game and lottery issue system (SG&G)
    4. Built a navigation and map downloading functions applied distribution-based system ‘Oez CDN’
    5. Constructed ‘Daily Focus’ website and its CMS

  • 2004  

    1. Built an online lottery issuance system (Seoul Mobile Telecom)
    2. Built an online lottery issuance system(SG&G)
    3. Developed DB encryption software ‘Oez SecureDB™’ and exported it to Japan
    4. Created animation and interactive ARS games (EBS)

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